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A show all about Atlanta’s entertainment industry! We bring you news and interviews with local celebrities, instructors, directors, advocacy organizations — anyone who shapes the entertainment industry in Atlanta!

Pamela DeRitis | Call Time Atlanta

Pamela DeRitis

Creator, Executive Producer and Host

Pamela DeRitis is an actress and sometimes IT geek who had an idea to help put Atlanta on the entertainment industry map. Visit for a full actor profile.

Call Time Atlanta was conceived and is produced by me starting in late 2011. My background is in film and TV acting, with a smattering of lifestyle modeling gigs mixed in. I’ve been cast in many independent films in the Atlanta area and have played everything from a controlling, creepy mother to a district attorney and many roles in between. I am very excited about the future of the entertainment industry here in Atlanta!

My vision for Call Time Atlanta has always been to promote local talent, and to that end I will be enlisting the participation of other local actors to come on the show from time to time as guest hosts, so stay tuned for casting calls and fun events that will benefit the community and make Call Time Atlanta a great destination for the local industry scene!

See you on set!

Pamela DeRitis | Call Time Atlanta


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​Call Time Atlanta started as a hobby, something I wanted to explore. Since then it has grown into much more. I’ve been bringing you interviews with the influencers in the Atlanta entertainment community for a while now, but there’s so much more to explore! I would love to bring you content every week — and for that I will need your help! You can become a patron for as much or as little as you like.

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